Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You are Guided, Protected and Loved

You are guided, protected and loved..... If I have uttered those words once, I have said them a thousand times. I repeat them to myself many times a day. And I especially say them if I am having an unpleasant experience.  I say them to reinforce what I know to be true. And I feel better when I "remember" these truths. It wasn't always that way - oh my goodness no! It has been a long and interesting journey in order to get to the point that I say those words with confidence and live by their meaning. 
So today I want to share with you about why it is that sometimes we don't feel very guided or protected and therefore not too great in the acceptance of our being loved. If we are so loved why do those crappy things happen in our life? Disappointing or even horrible things sometimes occur. But still, I know that I, you , we are loved. And if you happen onto this blog and read it I would tend to believe that you were guided to this site... after all it has been quite a while since I have published anything.  If the truth be told, I am feeling rather compelled to write this evening. I have a feeling that someone needs to find these words of comfort and know that they are not alone.

So, why do things go so wrong sometimes ~ especially if we are loved. There are several valid answers and one in particular that I would like to have you consider for now. It is a good one because it empowers us.  For one thing we live in an orderly world of natural laws. We can't constantly drive above the speed limit and expect to never get a ticket. We can't eat nasty food and expect to stay healthy forever. We can't treat people with disregard and expect to have friends. You get the idea. In other words there is a cause and effect to life. So sometimes what happens to us is the effect and frankly we are the cause. It does not negate the fact that we are guided, protected and loved. I think it is fair to say that in all the prior examples we got the promptings to change our ways. (Can't you just "sense" a police officer waiting in the bushes as you go zinging by? Oops - should have paid attention to the feeling- oh yes, of course and maybe should not have been speeding as well.) 
As a therapist I often hear people say "you know, I knew I should have done that differently, but I just didn't  go with it. I know it would have turned out different if I had." I have said and experienced that enough times myself before it dawned on my that I need to LISTEN and pay attention.  Those sort of messages are just one of the ways that we are guided and protected. (But we are never forced.)
If life seems to be getting worse and worse and things just keep going wrong.... stop! Take the time to be silent, to be not busy...to be still. How can we expect to receive the guidance we are so  naturally given if we don't stop to hear it? Think about that for a minute. You know how we've all had the hunch that the phone would ring, or the "feeling" that something was going to occur.  Those premonitions are a valuable sign that there is more to the world than what our senses tell us. We read energy and we don't use just our eyes or ears to do so. Our guidance system is built in. It is awe-some!  But if we never look at the radar screen we are going to miss a lot of things; good opportunities drift by without our recognition and bad things broadside us.Those wonderful little (and big) synchronicity moments occur more often when we attend to them - giving them the attention, respect and gratitude they deserve.
There is a natural flow of goodness and love that is steadily available for each of us. That flow never changes.  It  might be thought of as an outpouring of love and light. God does not play favorites - Love is constant. However, if we step out of that flow we aren't going to feel very happy or  see life as free flowing, abundant and filled with gifts. Not at all. But it is because we have stepped away from that flow not the other way around. Think of a stage with  spotlight shining from above on the actor. As long as he or she stays in flow of the light everything is clear. But if the actor moves out of the light, he stands alone in the darkness. It isn't the light that stopped shining on him. I hope that metaphor makes sense and is one that you can see in your mind's eye.
One of the ways to stay in that flow is to remind yourself that it IS there. Take the time to be still.  Watch for signs of it. ASK for it to show itself to you. And when you experience it ~ know that you indeed are guided, protected and loved. 
Until next time~
Doc DyAnn

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Flip Side (Part 2)

A friend called me recently and asked my advice. Her 15 year old niece had come home from church feeling  despondent and fearful. The pastor's sermon had been about the financial upheaval, crime and natural disasters that are constantly in the news. He warned that 12/21/2012 was going to be a  fiery, nightmarish, agonizing end of the world. Being an impressionable teen, the girl was scared out of her wits and could see no hope and thus no reason to live. My friend was in a panic because her favorite niece had been suicidal in the past. I immediately asked about the girl's mother- trying to figure out what resources we could get into place. "She's scared too" "You mean about Michelle?" "No - about the end of the world." 
The year 2012 is past the half-way mark. Some people are stock piling supplies and weapons. On the other end of the wide arc of public opinion, 2012 is just another year and all this "end time' stuff means nothing. Most people land somewhere near the middle.Certainly as the calendar pages turn, tension is rising, even for those who are "pretty sure" that no world ending disaster will take place. 
At the close of my most recent blog I shared the reply of John's angel: man has created this with his mind - but there is always hope. Where might we find evidence of that hope in something that is beyond wishful thinking? Allow me to share with you from Gregg Braden's book The Isaiah Effect:
Clearly, we are entering a new era of understanding the inner sciences
of prayer, prophesy and the agents of change that Isaiah and others
acknowledged in their writings. Deceptively simple, Isaiah's prophecies
remind us of two things. First, through the science of prophesy we may
glimpse future consequences of choices made in the present.
Second, we embody the collective power to choose which future  we
experience. It is through our consideration of others in our daily lives
that we piece together the experiences that bring our futures into focus.
This is the Isaiah Effect - the expression of an ancient science stating that
we may change the outcome of our future through the choices we make 
in each moment in the present. 
So there you have it. The prophesies may seem confusing because they often tend to flip from scenes of disaster to peace and tranquility. Nostradamus, for example foresaw earthquakes and perpetual darkness. But he also saw a peaceful, happier time of spiritual renewal following it. Edgar Cayce, John in Revelation, indigenous writings including those of Native Americans, all seem to suggest two quite different possibilities which include a message of hope. That  hopeful message is revealed in both ancient writings and modern science - both essentially say the same thing. The outcome, the future is up to us and it is based on what we say, think, believe and do. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into detail, but some of my other blog entries will give you more information as to the laws of the universe and how we create, whether we realize it or not. I invite you to explore.
Basically, life is what we make it. Our future is based on what we do now. Cause and effect.  This is true on an individual as well as group level. What we think, say, believe and do speaks to the matter that makes up the Universe. We would be accurate if we described our universe as reflective. What we send out comes back to us eventually.Call it karma if you would like. But it is about more than learning life's lessons. It is about learning how life operates and how powerful we truly are.  Allow me to share an interesting example.  In modern science the placebo effect has been well documented. Some research studies about the power of our mind are so amazing that they are almost unbelievable. One of the most simple yet inspiring is a report of research which involved trying to alleviate morning sickness. 33 pregnant women in the research project were so relieved when their doctors gave them a special syrup being tested to calm their volatile contractions and vomiting. To validate its effectiveness they swallowed a small instrument which gave an internal picture of the reaction of their body.
Sweet relief for all 33 women! And the cameras showed beyond a doubt what they reported: no more discomfort- not a twitch!  However, all 33 of the test subjects had been given a well known syrup to induce vomiting.  Syrup of Ipacac is often given to poison victims.  How did it end up doing just the opposite? The power of the mind and what they believed to be true! 
It is becoming more clear that ancient prophets were trying to deliver the message that our choices, in how we think, feel, act and believe as well as our intentions create our future.We might indeed be living during a time when a lot of fear and negative occurrences and possibilities surround us. However,  we are fortunate to live in a time when realistic answers for help and healing are right at our fingertips. Perhaps science can make believers out of even the most skeptical person. It shows us the proof, as well as lifting the veils of knowledge as to how seemingly miraculous outcomes  can occur. Ancient scriptures were perhaps more poetic and sometimes confusing, but if read with this new awareness, we may all discover that we do have the power to create a new world and new, positive way of life.
Perhaps what might be more accurate of an interpretation is that it is the end of the world  as we know it....we have the individual and group choice and responsibility to create something better, more peaceful, just and loving. It starts with you~

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle 
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.....Buddha
Namaste~ see the Light in everyone...you may be the one to help bring it out!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Flip Side of the Coin

 2012  End time..... or beginning? 
 When you think about 2012 what comes to your mind? Certainly there are many opinions on this controversial subject. Ancient writings including the Bible refer to this as the "end of time" or "end days" in what is known as apocalyptic prophecies. Destruction is a common theme in the works of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and various  indigenous cultures .And  let's not forget that the Mayan calendar runs out ---ends, kaput...nothing! Pretty scary stuff. It has some people stockpiling supplies for survival, including weapons.Like I said, pretty scary.

How do you feel when you read or hear about this kind of stuff? It scared the dickens out of me. Holy cats, if the oceans rise due to the melting of the arctic caps, then  according to the maps the area I presently live in will be under water. Deep water. And what about the "pole shift"; what's that all about anyway? Do I need to move, warn people, find a group of stock pilers to take me in?! Make amends? Beg for God's mercy?  Talk about feeling helpless!

My "default mechanism" when faced with a problem is to gather information. And there is plenty out there; the real work is wading thru it. As I explored I found an interesting and hopeful pattern. I would describe my discovery process as being similar to flipping a coin. However ,for the most part the literature seems to describe only one side of the coin- it's always heads...Disaster! But certainly we realize that with any coin you pull out of your pocket  and  flip, you would eventually see "tails" as well as "heads".  And that's what has been missing or at least more difficult to find in all the writings that give us hints of our future .With that two headed coin we have not been getting all of the information. Perhaps we see the stuff that frightens us into helplessness and just stop looking. 

 Like I said, my default mechanism is to explore and once I find the information I am compelled to share it. I don't consider myself an expert, but I  have traveled my way thru many books, articles, videos, CD's, web sites and anything else I could get my hands on. In this blog article and others planned down the road, I plan to share what I found.

In a nutshell ~ there is hope. BUT we have choices to make - life altering choices. We cannot afford to sit by idly. What we think, say, do and believe affects our future in profound ways.  Those who have attended my seminars have a head start on knowing what I am talking about. Everything comes together like a giant puzzle. When we step back from it we can see the pattern. This time it is a pattern which reveals hope as we pull together both the old and the new.

We live in an exciting time when the often mysterious writing of seers of long ago comes together with modern quantum physics.We have come to realize that our individual responses to life's challenges do not impact merely  our personal outcome. Together we create a collective outcome. What YOU do, the choices YOU make have real power. "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. ...We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter" (Gregg Braden).
And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things. (The Essene Gospel of Peace)
It is no accident that at this time in history the literature has been flooded with information about the "Divine Matrix" (Intelligent Mind or God, Holy Spirit, Creative Energy) and the Laws of the Universe and in particular the "Law of Attraction". In my opinion the Law of Attraction got a bit glamorized and over-simplified. Think "Lamborghini" and it will come to you. A more educated explanation of the Law of Attraction comes from the ancient texts: You shall reap what you sow. (More on that in another article- we truly DO create.)

Getting back to 2012.  Is the state of the world we live in the playing out of a collective cause and effect? Have we plundered the earth and  disrespected its resources to the point of getting the natural backlash? Are we personally responsible for what is happening?  I say yes and it's a good thing. Before you judge me harshly please read on as I tell you why it is a good thing. What it means is that there truly IS a cause and effect. If you, I or we do "X" then "Y" will always follow. In other words the outcome is predictable. That being said, we are not blind toward nor helpless in regard to our own future.A Universal law states: "Life is the experience of your choices." Our combined choices as a group,(whether a family, circle of friends or co-workers, neighborhood, community, nation or world)  result in increased power, or larger impacts.think about that in a positive way. A woman refusing to sit at the back of a bus, joined by others who felt the same created astounding change.

The ancient scriptures are absolutely loaded with hope. If you look closely you will see that. The word apocalypse for example has its root in the Greek word apoklypsis which means simply and nicely "to disclose or reveal." The ancient prophets were trying to show us possible outcomes which were based on the conditions of their time.
When John in Revelation asks his angel guide why these things are happening in his vision of a possible future here is what the angel replied:
Man  has created these powers of destruction. He has wrought them from his OWN MIND. He has turned his face away  from the Angels of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, and he has fashioned his own destruction.
John asks if there is hope ~ here is the reply: There is always hope, O thou for whom heaven and earth were created. (The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book Two)

 More to come...there is hope!
Namaste my friends

Dr DyAnn 


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your "Not So Private" Thoughts.

What is the difference between a whisper and a shout...a whisper and a thought? Which is more powerful? Someone measured the distance a shout travels and determined "your voice carries barely fifty yards". Hmmmm my neighbor yelling for her kids out distances that measurement! In regard to our thoughts and how far they travel - oh my that is a whole different matter. Our thoughts travel around the world and assist in the creation of our life.
You would think that your thoughts are private, right? I have often joked with my clients "Aren't you glad you don't live in a comic strip where your thoughts are printed in a bubble above your head?!" You know, those kind of thoughts we all have such as when a friend blows you off for a second time: ("I don't even want to talk to you; you're such a @#$%!!") Or your spouse says something kind of "off": ("Do you live in a cave? You have GOT to be kidding me!") How about a boss ...("What the @##@!*. If s/he didn't have connections s/he would be soooo out of here. I can't believe I work for such a dip$$$$").
We've all had those sort of thoughts but hide behind the mask of niceness or compliance. I'm not saying that is bad - don't get me wrong. Thank God we don't live in cartoon land because thoughts based on raw emotion aren't the whole picture. They are only a part of what I call our "Internal Committee' or many ego states. We can have many, varied thoughts on one single subject. That's normal.
But those seemingly meaningless, harmless PRIVATE thoughts....they do travel further than inside your own head. They travel to your cells and turn on or off a multitude of switches that change your chemistry. Depending on the type of thoughts that can be good or bad....we can raise our own blood pressure with excessive worry or calm our self with remembering and playing back a time of personal joy and happiness. We have more control here than many of us realize.

But the really intriguing issue centers around the fact that thoughts are vibration- they travel as far and as fast as radio waves. No, people don't hear them with their ears - but still those vibrations are out there in "space". They are "heard' in some way. It has been established that thoughts create. This is where it gets to be fun and interesting. In my seminars and in some of my blogs I have talked about Dr Emoto, the highly respected Japanese scientist. He specializes and has published his research relating to water and our thoughts. Yes, regular water that is all around us and something like 70% of our body. As a quick review Dr Emoto did a fascinating study with two test tubes of water drawn from the same place. His research assistants were instructed to think positive loving thoughts around one of the tubes and in another area the same assistants thought negative, demeaning thoughts and words. Sounds kind of weird if you have never heard about the science of energy! The results were phenomenal. The water surrounded by positive thoughts grew beautiful crystal structures. The other - no, not at all. It was almost as if that water died. Think for a minute the implications in our own body, with the seemingly harmless thoughts we carry around....
Thoughts tend to become true based on the intensity of the emotion they carry and their duration. It is almost as if we hypnotize ourselves. As the old adage goes : if you believe it's true - it is true. Our repetitive thoughts bring the point home.
Not only that, but those thoughts we believe to be private? Not exactly. In a way we are all kind of "mind readers". We get a hunch about someone when we see them. And we sense danger where there is no proof there is danger- but we just know because the hair stands up on our arms. Or we have a vague feeling someone will call and sure enough the phone rings and it is them. I remember years ago when I suddenly had a really awful, restless feeling on a relaxing Saturday afternoon. The phone rang and I was told that my son had been involved in a car/bicycle accident (he was the one on the bike) and was in the hospital. Clients have told me about "knowing" things which did not make sense in a logical way. Sure enough they were right. You might even recall similar occurrences. Interesting, isn't it? How does that happen?!
Frank Laubeck in Prayer, the Mightiest Force in the World writes:
Thoughts are contagious. "What you whisper in secret," said Jesus, "shall be shouted from the rooftops." Yes even your thoughts shout though others may not know it is you who are shouting....Our thoughts are the threads weaving the garment which the world tomorrow will wear. You and I created a piece of tomorrow in our thoughts today.
What kind of garment are your thoughts weaving for your tomorrow?
We are all connected thru the web of life, thru what scientists now know is not just "empty space". The rhythm of life and the vibration of our thoughts intermingle with this web and carry their energy along its pathways. Our thoughts do very much touch the lives of others.We all know when we are in the presence of someone who loves and cares for us. We can sense it- that is built into us. The people I love dearly came to mind as I read Laubach's beautiful passage. The idea of my negative and positive thoughts eventually reaching them and weaving the world they live in inspired me to be more aware of my thoughts. After all, they really aren't private. They truly are powerful - immensely so. And I want to weave beautiful tomorrows for you.

May you be blessed and surrounded by beautiful thoughts and energy on your journey of life. May you bless yourself, those you love, and our world with your thoughts. It does not take a large percent of people to change the world, simply by the power of their thoughts. You DO make a difference. For that I am thankful!
Until next time,
Dr. DyAnn

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Movie That Can Change Your Life

Grab the popcorn, find a comfy seat and let's go see a fantastic movie. What would you choose from the movie menu? Have you seen any really great movies lately? I mean the kind where you can't wait to buy a copy of your own even if your DVD library is as small as mine. Have you ever been watching a movie and after a few scenes realized it wasn't worth your time? A well crafted movie takes us away from our seat in the theater or comfy place on the couch and transports us to a different time and place via our imagination. Our emotions are brought to the surface as we weep, chuckle, sigh with warm satisfaction or feel outrage.
If you would now, think about a movie you've especially enjoyed or found memorable..... notice how it transports you to a different time and place? As you recall it in even greater detail you might even begin the feel the emotions brought forth while the movie scenes dance before your eyes. A good suspense has you on the edge of your chair with your heart beating faster. A romance might find you feeling wistful or even anxious as you hope for a happy ending. "Dolphin Tales" had us cheering for the solution that would save the day. "War Horse" is a current movie which I have not had the courage to see; even the preview brings up strong emotion surrounding the deep heartfelt connection between me and my horses.
There is another highly emotional, trance-like movie we all watch. And it is featured in a movie theater we never leave! Yes, every one of us, every moment of our life~ and that is the movie in our mind. Our subconscious mind continually runs movies or movie clips. We could even name them based on commonly running themes:
My Relationship With My Hateful__________ (fill in the blank: boss, spouse, so-called-friend, mother, mother-in-law, neighbor ,family members, etc)
How Awful This _____________Is Going To Turn Out ( fill in the blank: project, day, weather, dinner, kid, game, illness, job, relationship, etc.)
My Aching ##!*#! ____________(top to bottom body scan for this list)
How Unfair It Is That ____________( I got stuck with taking care of _____, I have this job, I have no job, my boss sucks, my spouse is stupid, my kids don't care, nobody cares about me , "they" have all the advantages , I don't have enough, etc)
I can't move forward______because (of where I live, because no one will give me a break, I am too old, I'm too young, I am the wrong race, I don't have enough money, I have a rotten past, no one gets ahead, have you met my family!, I have no skills, not enough energy, no education, no one to encourage me, etc.)

It's your movie theater! You are always in charge of what movie or preview is on your screen. ALWAYS. It is impossible for it to be any other way. Your subconscious mind is the library of movies but your conscious (thinking) mind manages the theater. You are controlling all of it. And just like the movies we recalled in the first paragraph, along with emotions they each can manifest, our movies impact us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If we can't exit the theater let's change the movie!
Playing any movie clips or themes (including those listed above) creates a self-fulfilling prophesy called your day, your mood, your physical self, your life.
How about changing the movie to something like this:
A Great Intelligence is Available to me.

You might want to read about the God Code and how our DNA literally reads or translates as "God/Eternal within the body" That trumps any real or imagined adversity in life.
My Intention is to be Loving.
Among the most clear cut laws of the Universe is that of "cause and effect." We reap what we sow. It's our intention which is the seed we sow. Think about a time you "made up your mind" to do something- you likely succeeded. On the other hand when we put forth a half-hearted effort/intention we don't expect nor do we get a decisive outcome. It is intention that is the determining factor.
Looking at the intention to be loving, when we react with hurt and anger toward an uncaring person or hurtful situation that is just a stumble. Practice makes perfect and we learn empowerment when we stop giving our power away to others via our emotions. But to intend to hurt the other person is a totally different matter. In one of my seminars I explained this using the example of bringing a pie to a new neighbor. One person may have the intention of welcoming them so that they don't feel alone. Another person brings the pie in order to gain possible advantage. Same kind of pie, very different intention!
Our intentions are powerful beyond what most people realize. It strongly directs our actions. Emotion added to intention is a real powerhouse. Thus if we intend to direct hatred toward someone, we will likely hit the target. But remember this! Most important is the fact that the seed -the spirit, the intention in which we think or speak or act comes back to us; it is sown in our own inner self; there it grows. This is a core message that many great teachers and mystics taught. In Eastern culture this is where "karma" comes in. So that pie may have manipulated your new neighbor, but in turn someone along the way will manipulate you.
One more movie suggestion ~
I Look For and Find Gratitude
The effects of gratitude or thankfulness leading to the release of powerful hormones which impact us at a physical, cellular level is well documented. We are flooded with happiness chemicals when we feel gratitude.It is as simple as that. If you were lucky enough to receive a present for Christmas that you really were hoping for, you have a recent memory of what I mean. Conversely, when we take on a negative attitude the opposite type of chemicals are released and run rampant within our bodies. Some research points toward this being the cause of dis-ease.
We don't have to be at the mercy of things turning our perfectly in order to "practice gratitude" and receive its wonderful rewards. And we don't need to have an abundance of money. We already live in abundance ~ but most of us don't claim it.
What does it cost, after all to stargaze, or check out books from the library, sit in a beautiful cathedral, or meditate by a lake or pond, see the shining diamonds in the snow, share a smile, or forward an inspiring or silly e-mail. We can work on and change a bad habit, reach out and find a new friend, make someone's load lighter, laugh with a child, find humor in a situation, treat ourselves with love and kindness, give a compliment, inspire and encourage others ~ the list of ways to release joy into the world in which we live is enchantingly endless.
We can start our day off with the blast of the alarm clock and jump out of bed, rushing around with our heart pounding and our mind jammed with thoughts of all we have to do....Or we can take a moment or two, lie there and welcome the day, being thankful for life, a roof over our head, enough food to eat, challenges to make us grow, beautiful past memories and the opportunity to make this day a good one via our intention.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n. Milton (Paradise Lost).
What movie will you allow in your mind today? Remember, you own the theater - and that is something to be grateful for!
Until next time~
Dr. DyAnn

Friday, December 23, 2011

Help for Holiday Success

It's almost Christmas! Beautiful music is playing in the background, UPS delivered last minute presents in time for Santa to give to loved ones, and as I sit here at dusk the neighborhood lights are about to come alive. There is magical energy in the air.
People are rushing around doing the last minute preparation and frankly I should be doing the same. However, as I was taking a break and reading a Christmas card I was rendered a bit speechless as I read the enclosed note.
"Mary" commented how meaningful she finds my blog. Oh my goodness I haven't written anything in ages - I felt instant guilt combined with a rush of true joy in that I helped provide meaning in someones life.
So my friends, with cleaning to do, presents to wrap, calls to make and errands to run, I decided to let my heart lead the way: thus a holiday message as a gift to you.
I have been around long enough to experience many Christmas seasons~ the good, the bad and yes even the sort of ewww "not so good" ! I remember my husband and I rushing to get in a visit with both sets of families even though they lived miles apart. I smile as I recall great secret gifts and the look of sheer delight on the face of the surprised loved ones who had no idea what we were plotting. The years flew by with my sons growing up and presents that grew with them in size, price, and technology. And now we are blessed with grand children so that the entire process begins anew. As you read this I hope you take a walk down memory lane, remembering all the love, joy, and preparation that went into your holiday seasons.
It is the MEMORIES that last after all ~ isn't it?
From the perspective of many Christmas seasons there are a few things that I have learned and put into practice that make my holiday much more of a success and much more relaxing:
1. Define what will make this season successful for YOU. Over the years, when I realized I could not keep up with ALL the things I love, from Christmas cards to home made cookies, to the perfect gifts, to entertaining, etc etc WOW...and that instead I could prioritize and put my effort into what meant the most, and actually enjoy myself it made a huge difference. It helps to come from a perspective that makes sense to you! Choose the traditions which mean the most or start some new ones. People change, circumstances change, and so can you :)
2.Take care of yourself! I meditate and read uplifting materials just about every day of the year. It is how I start my day and I always joke that my clients and my family can tell the difference when I haven't given myself that boost. I call it "feeding my soul". When we are rushed, this is when we most need to remember good self care, if for no other reason than to maintain our energy.
3. I will be honest and say that I exercise only about 3 days a week and it is a struggle- but I know from a mind/body perspective that it is vital that we get up and move. Please do this for yourself. Walking is one of the best exercises there is- maybe take a look this evening at the neighborhood lights!
4. I have been very interested in the energy of good ole H2O. There is fascinating research on water crystals done by Dr Emoto out of Japan. If you take two identical vials of water and write negative words on one, but positive words on the other.....only the one with the + words will develop beautiful, intricate crystals. (Even muddied water will clear up by the way. This is about positive energy at its most basic.) Now think about it--- our body is what? 70%+ % water. So, drink lots of water and give yourself the message of beautiful words and thoughts.
5. It's the holidays so if you want to eat yummy but kind of junky food a.) don't over do it and b.) let it go!!! It's OK to treat yourself. You would actually do more damage by berating yourself than by eating the occasional not-so-nutritious food anyway.
6. Realize that gifts don't have to be "perfect". When you give someone a present that is an expression of caring. There are many ways to show that we love people besides a package under the tree. Many folks are struggling with the economy but please, please do not put a price tag on your love and admiration. Some of the best gifts I have even received were those where the person "pegged" it: maybe they knew a pound of my favorite chocolate from out of town would be oh so appreciated. Or they developed a favorite photo and put it in a simple frame or wrote something in a card about how I touched their life. Those are the kind of things we remember when the tree is down and everything is put away.
7. If your heart is carrying grief this year ~ whatever the reason: dig deep into your spiritual values. A new friend told me her dad died a couple months ago. She and her sisters are going to all be home to be with their mother. After we chatted a bit about her father and what a good man he was she said: I am confident Dad truly is in heaven and that makes me happy for him; I suppose we really are sad for ourselves. The mother of a dear friend died a few weeks ago and I know her family has struggled with Christmas without her. There is no getting around it, that first Christmas especially, is difficult. Share memories and pictures, be with loved ones who will supportive and be careful not to isolate. Getting back into a routine that makes sense to you and your timing will be important. Grief is like a roller coaster ride with unexpected ups and downs, but eventually it settles down.
8. Unburden your heart: forgive. The longer we hold on to the hurts and pain, the more it literally hurts us. I know it can be difficult to let go of injustices and what may appear to be unfairness or the thoughtlessness of others. We have all been there! But what happened is done and gone; when we keep it in our mind we are the ones who are keeping it and its emotional, mental and physiological scars ripped open. Forgiveness lets someone out of jail ~ and that someone is YOU.
9. Keep a sense of humor and positive perspective. Our "fresh" tree starting shedding needles like leaves coming off the autumn trees in a blustery wind. We bought it late as we have guests coming in for our celebration the weekend after New Years Day. Looks like it is going to be one of those "Charlie Brown" trees and and the clothing gifts are going to have needles tucked in their seams! But family and friends will be here sharing the season and the gifts of love and gratitude. And that is what makes the season something special!
10. Do one special thing for yourself: it will be your gift to you. The positive way we treat our self will then reflect like the warm sun on those around us. Scripture tells us that we are to love others as our self ; that is one of the great commandments! Even if you don't do it right away but make the promise to yourself it will give you something to look forward to with joy.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It brought me great joy to take a break, think of you and share my thoughts during this special time of the year.
Best wishes for a lasting season of blessings.
With love and gratitude~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Telepathic Communication

Ever wish you could do a better job in communicating with others? Maybe even that you could be telepathic and truly know what was in the other person's heart? Read on and you may discover that you already have that gift!
First I have one other thing to say ...with a cup of tea ( I am coffee'd out) and a granola bar, I sit here at my computer. I have missed writing my blog and feel a little guilty for letting it lag. My sincere apology if you have been looking for it - I really wasn't trying for a world's record of writer's block. One of the downsides of writing a blog is that I don't always know whose life I may have touched. Making the world, or my little piece of it, a better place in which to live, is a driving force in my life. So I got wrapped up in other projects. However, one of the things I know and believe in, is the importance of following those internal inklings that advise us to do this or that - go here or there. "Listen to the still, small voice within."
And so today - a calling to write. If there is even one person for whom it makes any kind of difference I am deeply blessed.
One of the things I do daily is read. I read for entertainment, for my own learning, and to feed my soul. I confess I have a love affair with words. I would like to share with you a passage from one of the books I particularly enjoy. I hope it provides inspiration, a sense of peace or guidance for you, as well as a hint about telepathy.
My copy of "A Return to Love" (Marianne Williamson) is battered and worn, with underlines in pen and pencil, my own notes in the column, and coffee stains here and there. In other words this is one of my favorites!

Here is an interesting passage in her chapter on relationships: We all have been in conversations where two people spoke and no one heard a thing. We've also had conversations where no one said anything and both people understood everything perfectly. In order to truly communicate we must take responsibility for the heart space that exists between us and another. It is that heart space, or the absence of it, which will determine whether communication is miraculous or fearful....the key to communication is not what we say, but rather the attitude that lies behind what we say. Since there is only one mind, all of us are telepathically communicating all the time. Every moment we are choosing to join or to separate, and the person to whom we are speaking feels what we have chosen regardless of our words. (p141)
In a skype session this morning I spoke with someone (I will call her Gracie) whose family participates in a lot of triangulating, back biting and gossip. If you don't attend a family event you know you will be a target of the gossip machine. But Gracie has come to a point in her counseling and enlightenment process where she no longer wants to participate in those family games.It extracts too high a price. She recently (bravely) skipped a family gathering. She was hurt and offended when someone in her family ("Jane") gave her own version/perspective at that gathering of something Gracie had said to her. And she painted a pretty nasty picture of Gracie, gossiping about her behind her back. Remember Gracie was not there to defend herself or give her version. And true to family form, that gossip later got back to her. Gracie wanted to set the record straight with Jane and let her know what she had meant when she made the comment to her.( Jane had not given any clue to Gracie that she was bothered by it; she chose rather to scathingly report it to the family - ouch).
Gracie shared with me the meaning of what she had said to Jane. Her question to me was whether or not it was wise to have a chat about it with Jane. (We discovered there was a way for Gracie to do this without Jane catching on as to who let the cat out of the bag and reported her gossiping about Gracie. Thus Gracie could avoid stirring the pot and creating more drama.) This was a troublesome issue that now had festered and caused an unspoken distance between her and Jane. Gracie no longer trusted Jane even tho Jane acted very nice "to her face". But I had one question before Gracie made her decision.
The question I asked Gracie was this: what is your intention in talking to Jane?

Our intention, you see, is what makes all the difference. Our intention is what creates the silently read fear or miracle. The joining or separation as Marianne is speaking of in the above quote. Remember on some level we all are telepathic. We do read the other person's intention- we read their heart. And they read ours.
So whether or not I would support Gracie in talking to Jane depended on the intention in her heart. The words would not matter nearly as much.
Her intention was pure. It was not to win the argument, prove she was right and Jane was wrong or to call her on her gossiping. It was simply to clear the negative energy and hurt.
In your own communication remember that often times we are so busy listening to the words that we may miss the true meaning or intention behind the words. Or we may be so busy pushing our own agenda that we are not hearing the other person, and they are not hearing us. We all have experienced these scenarios.
But if you want to truly "win" at communicating, make good the intention of what you want to say. Make it a desire to clear the negative and to make your world a little happier, more pleasant, more loving place in which to live. Because we truly are of "one Mind", on some level the other person will receive your intention. Whether they decide to honor it or not is up to them. We have no control there. But we really don't need that control - if our heart's intention is loving we have made the world- your world - a better place in which to live.
A sure way we can give our best attempt at making it a win-win communication is when we clear our own heart space of fear whether in the form of anger, jealousy, resentment of devaluing our own self. Once we have done that we win and we offer the best opportunity for the other person to win as well- the choice is up to them.
And that is just what Gracie did- her intention was simply to let Jane know that what she had said may have been in poor judgment, and that it was not meant to be mean-spirited or hurtful. Whether Jane understands it or not, Gracie has no control over. But on a higher level Jane will know that Gracie's intention is to heal, not hurt. To join rather than separate. And to create an environment of love not fear. It is only in this way that any true communicating can take place.

And remember also that it is a law of the Universe that what we put out there will eventually return to us - maybe a different day and in a different form or with a different person, but your pure intention of peace WILL come back to you.
Love and Light~
Until next time,
Dr. DyAnn